Hosted worldwide in 4 countries.


  • OS: Debian 11 64
  • CPU: 1-4 Cores
  • 1-4 GB RAM
  • 50GB NVMe
  • Low latency Corporate LAN
  • Enhanced server monitor (Off Grid)
  • 99.9% Uptime builder
  • RYSEN FreeSTAR Project. For FreeSTAR by FreeSTAR.


  • DMR Master Server
  • Connection to the Global System X DMR Network
  • GPS / APRS
  • Motorola Support
  • Hytera Support
  • MMDVM Support
  • DMO / Hotspot Support
  • Dynamic talkgroup reflector system
  • Loop control


System Status.

A FreeSTAR Brand.

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What is SYSTEM X

System X is an independent DMR global network managed and maintained by the FreeSTAR Network. The server runs OpenSource DMR Master Server software which has been develeped by radio amatuers for radio amateurs. A compilation of software by vairious software developers. The server is native to MMDVM protocol and uses various techniques to act as a master, peer, & bridge server.

Currently there are only 4 servers in the world! Currently hosted in London United Kingdom, Stockholm Sweden, Ohio United States & Sydney Australia. More servers will be available as the system evolves to serve closer to the region in which end-users connect.

The System X DMR Global Network can host multiple end-user applications including Pi-Star, BlueDV, OpenSpot, DroidStar, DVSwitch & more!

How to connect.


Pi-Star. (Example FD_UK1_SYSTEM_X)


  1. Navigate to your Pi-Star dashboard.
  2. Click “Configuration”. You may need to enter the username and password, default “pi-star”, “raspberry”.
  3. Click “Update” in the navigation bar.
  4. Once update has finihsed, navigate back to “Configuration”.
  5. Scroll down to “DMR Configuration”
  6. Select the “DMR Master” drop down list and look for “FD_UK1_SYSTEM_X”.
  7. Click “Apply Changes”
  8. (Optional) After applying changes scroll back down to DMR Configuration to add static talkgroups in the “DMR Options” field, for example; TS2=23426,2350,2351;DIAL=0;VOICE=0;TIMER=10
  9. Click “Apply Changes”.
  10. Alternatively you can use the provided “Options Generator” to work out the string you need to make a static talkgroup.

For more information on DMR Options and what they do, click here.


FreeSTAR Supported on - OpenSPOT 1, 2, & 3

Step-by-step (OS3)

  1. Select an unused profile in the profile selection box. (in this case profile 1). You can rename this in settings should you wish.
  2. Select the Connectors tab
  3. In the DMR/Homebrew/MMDVM section select the Protcol MMDVM.
  4. In the next line goto and click the scrolldown box. Under “FreeSTAR” you will have a choice of 4 servers. Choose your local server (In this case United Kingdom then click the ‘Save‘. This will connect you to that server.
  5. Scroll down to the bottom of the page where you will see MMDVM options for DMRplus. Select the DMRplus option box and a new section will appear.
  6. Select the statics for TS1 and TS2. Scroll back up and hit Save again.
  7. Configuration is now complete.

System X Global Servers

United Kingdom

System X DMR UK – Hosted in London by the FreeSTAR network team.

  • Host: FD_UK1_SYSTEM_X
  • IP:
  • Port: 62031
  • Password: passw0rd

Click here for LIVE DASHBOARD!


System X DMR Europe – Hosted in Stockholm by the FreeSTAR network team.

  • Host: FD_EU_SYSTEM_X
  • IP:
  • Port: 62031
  • Password: passw0rd

Click here for LIVE DASHBOARD!

United States

System X DMR USA – Hosted in Ohio by the International Radio Network.

  • Host: FD_USA1_SYSTEM_X
  • IP:
  • Port: 62031
  • Password: passw0rd

Click here for LIVE DASHBOARD!

New Zealand

System X DMR Pacific – Hosted in Sydney by the FreeSTAR Pacific team.

  • Host: FD_NZ_SYSTEM_X
  • IP:
  • Port: 62031
  • Password: passw0rd

Click here for LIVE DASHBOARD!

Talkgroup List.