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SYSTEM X GLOBAL Options Generator. © MOVUB & K6JWN 2022. Version 1.02.                            Before you start, check out your local SYSTEM X server to see which Talkgroups are assigned.                   Proceed by entering the Talkgroups you wish to book as a STATIC talkgroup from the System X server.                   *ANY* Talkgroup on *BOTH* slots can be booked by a Simplex Hotspot or Repeater! Both slots are linked so you can use either slot!                   You can enable TS1 in this tool for use on a Repeater.                   In addition you can enter configuration for Dial-A-TG too!                   For more information on options and what they are for please visit the website here!

Options Generator | FreeSTAR System X

This tool is used to help generate the "STRING" needed for the "Options:" field e.g Static Talkgroups in Pi-Star / MMDVM / DMRGateway

Duplex Hotspots / Repeaters can use Time Slot 1 and/or Time Slot 2

Simplex Hotspots can ONLY use Time Slot 2

Duplex: Simplex:

Timeslot 1Static TalkgroupsTimeslot 2Static Talkgroups
TG 1 (leave 0 for none): TG 1 (leave 0 for none):
TG 2 (leave 0 for none): TG 2 (leave 0 for none):
TG 3 (leave 0 for none): TG 3 (leave 0 for none):
TG 4 (leave 0 for none): TG 4 (leave 0 for none):
TG 5 (leave 0 for none): TG 5 (leave 0 for none):

Dial-A-TG (Default TG)
Voice (1=On, 0=Off)
Default Timer (minutes)

(Copy & paste the "STRING" when generated, into the "Options=" field or "Options:" field in your device)

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