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Nets on FreeSTAR - (All Times BST)   
DayUK Local TimeUTC TimeNet Name
Monday08:00 - 10:0007:00 - 09:00YOTA Oceania Net
Monday21:00 - 22:3020:00 - 21:30DV Scotland Multi-Mode Net
Tuesday22:00 - 00:0021:00 -23:00IRN Nets (MM7HQS & Friends)
Wednesday00:00 - 02:0023:00 - 01:00Absolute Tech Net
Wednesday19:30 - 21:3018:30 - 20:30Wednesday Night Net
Friday21:00 - 00:0020:00 - 23:00IRN KB1 Multi-Mode Net
Saturday *21:30 - 00:0020:30 - 23:00TOP Talk with Oscar 2E1HWE
Sunday18:00 - 20:0017:00 - 19:00Trans Canada Net
Sunday20:30 - 21:3019:30 - 20:30M7 Newly Licensed Net
Sunday22:00 - 00:0021:00 - 23:00Raspberry Pi Net
Saturday Night Nets alternate weekly
Contact us with any other nets that you want added to the schedule

World Amateur Radio Day

18th April 2021

This year’s theme is “Amateur Radio: Home but Never Alone.”

We will be encouraging all amateurs to take part in the World Amateur Radio Day and at least spray one over of radio waves this weekend.

Enjoy the weekends activities and most of all have some fun!


Top Talk - With Oscar Wood 2E1HWE.

Topical talk with Oscar 2E1HWE. Special guests are invited most weeks with the special emphasis on a “no frills’ approach to the net. This net is our flag ship net with most weeks reaching over 150 analogue consecutive connections typically. 

*Available: Every 2nd Saturday - 20:30UTC / 21:30BST

*Please note this net rotates with a “Pop Up” net every week.

M7NET Newly Licenced Net - With Oscar Acton M7OJA.

The M7NET hosted by Paul M3UMG formerly M0TZR. This net is a very special net with deep enphasis on helping newly licensed amateurs make there first QSO on the air. All licence classes welcome but geared towards promoting confidence building in the hobby.

Available: Every Sunday - 19:30UTC / 20:30BST

The Wednesday Night Net - With Bruce M0UKB

Hosted by one of the founders of FreeSTAR, Bruce M0UKB. The net brings  amateurs from all around the world for a casual informal net to promote the hobby. There are a couple of questions every week to wet the appetite for some very interesting conversation.

Available: Every Wednesday - 18:30UTC / 19:30BST

FreeSTAR DX Pop Up Event - Special Event

The FreeSTAR DX Pop net. This net sometimes pops up with special emphasis of promoting Amateur Radio modes on HF, VHF, UHF, SHF & all modes. Sometimes FreeSTAR can be used as a spotting hub for when events take place! 

To find out more info, stay tuned!

*Pop up

The Worldwide Digital Analogue Ham Net - With Chris 2E0UKH

The net hosted by Chris Andrews 2E0UKH, Digital Analogue Ham. This net is a check-in net to promote the hobby & the different technologies in the hobby. Chris welcomes newly licensed operators to check in on the net.

For more information on Chris’s net and his interest in the hobby visit his YouTube Channel!

*Pop up (You just never know!)

*Please note this net is a “Pop Up” net and often “Pop’s up” from time to time! – Stay Tuned!

The IRN KB1 Multi-Mode Net - With Graham GM0UUB & Helen "Queen of Scotland" MM7HQS

The IRN KB1 Mult-Mode Net is hosted by Graham & lovely Wife Helen “Queen of Scotland”. They both run the net together every Friday evening. The net is hosted on the IRN Network & have agreed to connect with FreeSTAR as a permanent connection!

For more information about the IRN network visit the website!

Available: Every Friday - 21:00UTC / 22:00BST

YouTube LIVE!

Below is the FreeSTAR LIVE stream for the net. If the stream is active you will find the video below active on a FreeSTAR net. This will “auto play” in desktop mode. Please “un-mute” to hear the stream audio.

Check back for LIVE stream!

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