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The famous FreeSTAR nets have one purpose! Collaborate worldwide & welcome new amateurs! Most of all… they are fun!

The FreeSTAR nets have been a founding principle in FreeSTAR’s evolution and we embrace nets & net operators all around the World! We have encouraged lots of people to join in our nets and influenced net controllers to start new nets on the FreeSTAR Network.

Look below on who runs the nets we host on the FreeSTAR UK Multi-mode Network.


Oscar Wood - 2E1HWE

The Top Talk Net - Saturday Night Selection.

Top Talk was the inaugural Saturday night net on the FreeSTAR network.
It ran weekly in 2021 and is now QRV on every first Saturday of the month and also as a pop up format for special events. Hosted by Oscar 2E1HWE who is located on the Essex Rivera, this is a factual net that runs for roughly around 2 hours in length and covers a topical amateur subject with either a special guest and or regular panellists.

“If it’s Topical its TOP TALK, God Save the King,!”

*Available: Every 1st Saturday from 21:30 UK Local / 16:30 EST

*Saturday night selection

Gareth & Helen - GM0WUR & MM7HQA

Saturday Night Ragchew - Saturday Night Selection.

The “Saturday Ragchew” with the New Technology Enthusiasts Radio Club MS0NTR.

A relaxed net where we welcome all ages & licence grades from around the world. Join in with our dual net controllers Gareth GM0WUR & Helen MM7HQA in Stirling, Scotland and have a good old Ragchew about anything and everything.

The “Saturday Ragchew” with MS0NTR – What’s on your mind?

*Available: Every 2nd Saturday from 21:30 UK Local / 16:30 EST

Shane Daley - M0VUB

FreeSTAR International Tech Talk - Saturday Night Selection.

The FreeSTAR International Tech Talk is a technical conversation about things deep and technical. Some weeks the net is privilaged with a special guest depending on the topic of conversation. This sort of net goes a step further, explaining in depth technical topics from DMR digital to building repeaters and nodes. The net runs with the official callsign of FreeSTAR International M0JKT and is chaired by Shane M0VUB.

“A technical talk about a technical conversation! Connecting the world with information! – Stay connected & Keep it FreeSTAR”

*Available: Every 3rd Saturday from 21:30 UK Local / 16:30 EST

Graham Matthews - GM0UUB

Monthly Barbecue Net - Saturday Night Selection.

What are you bringing for the grill? What’s your drink of choice and let’s not forget those BBQ tunes. The sun is always shining on the BBQ Net, so step into the sunshine and share your story.

“BBQ Beer, Burger, maybe a shrimp on the old Barby! What ever the conversation share your story!”

*Available: Every 4th Saturday from 21:30 UK Local / 16:30 EST

Bruce Lenton - M0UKB

The Wednesday Night Net - M(X)0WNN

Hosted by one of the founders of FreeSTAR, Bruce M0UKB. The net brings amateurs from all around the world together for a casual & informal net to promote the hobby. There are usually a couple of questions / topics every week to wet the appetite for some very interesting conversation.

“The Wednesday Night Net is your weekly visit to the On-Air Radio Club to meet your friends and have some stimulating conversation”

Available: Every Wednesday from 19:30 UK Local / 14:30 EST

Keith Potter - M7BYD

The New Hams Net - With Keith M7BYD

Formerly the M7NET, the New Hams Net is a friendly net hosted by Keith M7BYD! A newly operator, net controller & gentlemen! Everybody is welcome to this net! The net consists of various topics to try and encourage new or old amateurs to gain confidence on the air and be welcomed! Please call in and enjoy the hobby you love!

“My name is Keith, I’m a newly licenced operator and I welcome you to my net!”

Available: Every Sunday from 20:00 UK Local / 15:00 EST

Graham Matthews GM0UUB & Helen Matthews MM7HQS

The IRN KB1 Multi-mode Net.

The IRN KB1 Multi-mode net is one of the biggest nets on FreeSTAR. The net is hosted by Graham GM0UUB & Helen MM7HQS “The Queen Of Scotland” on behalf of the International Radio Network.

“The IRN KB1 Multi-mode net with your hosts Graham and helen The Queen of Scotland!”

Available: Every Friday from 21:00 UK Local / 16:00 EST

Join the fun!

How to connect.

To connect to one of our nets, visit the how to connect page. We pride ourselves to privide a network where everybody can share, listen & have fun!

If you would like to participate in a net on FreeSTAR contact us!

Pop Up Net - Exclusive to FreeSTAR

The FreeSTAR International Tech Talk! Hosted by M0VUB.

The Tech Talk net hosted by Shane Daley M0VUB is an exlusive net and apears from time to time! We will let you know when the net is scheduled to appear again! Keep a lookout! Watch this space!

YouTube LIVE!

Below is the FreeSTAR LIVE stream for the net. If the stream is active you will find the video below active on a FreeSTAR net. This will “auto play” in desktop mode. Please “un-mute” to hear the stream audio.

Check back for LIVE stream!

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