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What is the FreeSTAR Network?

FreeSTAR is a Multi-mode amatuer radio network. The FreeSTAR Network has 2 DMR networks, a multi-mode AllStar hub and a franchise of communications servers hosted worldwide in 6 countries and stands to be one of the largest multi-mode franchises in the world.

The FreeSTAR Multi-mode hub or the FreeSTAR UK & International Multi-mode Hub is based around AllStar which is the centre of activity. This central hub has many modes and access points connected to it. The Main Hubs for the FreeSTAR UK International network is 2196 & 2167

The FreeSTAR Network hosts DMR+_IPSC2-FreeSTAR which is a DMR+ Network connected to the MARC system and the global bMaster+ IPSC2 Network. FreeSTAR also hosts and maintains the System X DMR Network which is an OpenSource DMR Network for amateurs. TalkGroup 23426 is the main TalkGroup for the FreeSTAR UK & International Network.  For more information about FreeSTAR click here!

Are there any NETS or WORLDWIDE activities on FreeSTAR?

Absolutely! We host many nets on FreeSTAR including TopTalk, TechTalk & world-wide nets such as Trans-Canada & The Raspberry Pi Net. If you would like to participate or bring one of your own nets to FreeSTAR please by all means contact us! Visit the NET Control page for more on the nets we host!

How do I connect to the FreeSTAR UK Multi-mode Hub?

There are various ways to connect to FreeSTAR. The best way is to check out the How to Connect page and learn what modes you are familiar with to connect with.  We find EchoLink or DMR is the easiest way, but check if your local repeater has connectivity to a compatible mode or ask your local repeater group for more details. Some notable ways to connect are; AllStar Node 2196 & 2167, YSF-23426 (GB FreeSTAR), DMR+ IPSC2-FreeSTAR TG 23426, TGIF TG23426, SYSTEM-X TG23426, D-STAR XLX248 X, PEANUT – FRE325 and lots more…..

How much does it cost to join the FreeSTAR Network?

Absolutly nothing! To join FreeSTAR is completely free! We do not expect anything for the services we provide.

The best way to donate is to connect to the system and enjoy a QSO with friends! That is the ultimate donation to us 🙂

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