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Freedom to Connect.

To connect to the FreeSTAR network there are a number of ways. Our primary route is via the Allstar system, node no. 2195. We have ways through EchoLink, DMR, D-STAR, Fusion, NXDN Teamspeak and more! This doesn’t include our links through third party networks. To get connected click the button below.

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Professionally built systems for reliability & endurance. Powered by ASL.

ASL - Built in the Cloud.

All our ASL servers are built on professional VPS servers hosted in the UK. Low latency high dependency connections with peer to peer connection between all server HUB’s. We have dedicated servers for public, repeater & EchoLink connections for stability and managed connections.

FreeSTAR MasterServer.

We have a dedicated MasterServer which manages our digital connections & bridges. This is hosted on another VPS for stability and low latency connections to multiple bridges around the world. The MasterServer is a core element to the FreeSTAR network and provides connections to networks that need low latency connections such as CQ-UK and our partners on DMR.

Module X

Powered by XLXD this server is a core element to our D-Star & YSF connections. XLX248 is our XLX reflector and you will find FreeSTAR connected to Module X. This module provides connections to D-Star, DMR & YSF including Peanut! For more information about Module X and the different reflectors participating in Module X visit the Module X page!

FreeSTAR - Your connection to the World! Analog & Digital at it's best!

Freedom to build.

Repeaters, Gateway's & Node's.

Repeater systems are an integral part of the amateur radio hobby. They provide communication aid where simplex “Link to Link” communications are difficult. Learn more.

Simplex gateways are a new concept brought about by internet linked systems. The play an integral part in enabling communications from RF to the internet. Learn more.

Personal node’s have become popular in recent times. They enable a person to access wide area networks with there own node! A bit like your own simplex gateway. Learn more.

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The Wednesday night net starts tonight @ 18:30 UTC. Visit https://freestar.network/netcontrol for more info on all our nets! #freestar #hamradio #amatuerradio #nets #allstar #dmr #dstar


The Pacific HUB. Node 51340. Connected to FreeSTAR core. If you live in NZ, VK or any of the Pacific Islands, this is the Node to connect to for the best experience! We thank our founding members Brett ZL2AUS and the team! #NZ #ZL #AUS #VK #freestar https://freestar.network

We are building a dedicated IceCast server so you can listen in the best quality! Visit https://freestar.network for more info! #freestar #hamradio #amatuerradio #allstarlink #allstar #swl #dstar #dmr https://www.instagram.com/p/CNM-8awD45J/?igshid=1ptpox29nkvm5

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14 hours ago

Shane Daley
The Wednesday night net starts tonight @ 18:30 UTC. Visit freestar.network/netcontrol for more info on all our nets! #Freestar ... See MoreSee Less
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1 day ago

Hi guys I was wondering can the Baofeng uv5r connect to freestar frequencies in general or do. U. Have to have a dstar radio?. ... See MoreSee Less
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3 days ago

In 45 mins time @ 0700utc /8am uk/7pm nz local time / 3am estWe have YOTA Oceania NetNet Control is me ZL3TOM operating as ZL6YOTAAccess on the FreeSTAR® International network This net is every Monday ** Net does not run on public holidays in nz or over Christmas ... See MoreSee Less
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3 days ago

NEW Net Commencing Today on the FreeSTAR Network YOTA Oceania Net is on Today YOTA Oceania Net Every Monday7pm NZ Local Time / 0700 UTC / 8am UK / 3am EST Net Control - Thomas ZL3TOM - Operating ZL6YOTAAll Amateurs are welcome to come to our net Our net is for young & experienced Amateur radio operators who want to have fun / have a place to beWe Talk about Technology and what been happening in the tech world we also share the latest news and help those who need help with there tech or to offer advice on your projects / technology gadgetsWe also would like to hear your news / or what you been working on too*****Connection Details as followsEcholink : ANZEL Network *Wales* (Main server) 485040*Ham* 69556 *IRN-CONF* 536882IRLP . 9556 Allstar 48820 . 40452 (My Allstar)Net is now in partnership with FreeStar Network Check out FreeSTAR Network website @ freestar.network/connect/ for loads of connections including digital modes 🙂 For more Information on this net go to my websitezl3tom.com/yota-oceania-net/ for more information See you all Tonight / in the morning for our wonderful net ... See MoreSee Less
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Founders Journal

FreeSTAR Begins!

The FreeSTAR network begins its journey! In January, me and Bruce decided to help out with a very successful NET on New Years Eve to

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FreeSTAR EveryWhere™ Member Portal Services. This includes exclusive use of DV-Switch, Switched Phone Portal, TeamSpeak 3 & use of the VIP services.

FreeSTAR Module X XLX Reflector Project X. This includes members of the XLXD Module X project and information services.

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