Current status

Some systems are experiencing minor outages

Past incidents

System X - Upgrade + New Servers

We are proud to bring on 4 new servers to the System X Global Network. Apollo is one of the core servers managed by Ray G1LBU. Ray is one of the core admins who manages the System X network design and layout and mesh. Ray also manages the 2 peer servers that manage external bridges outside of the network. We are also proud to anounce a new server out in California USA. Ted KE6YJC has a stack of MotoTRBO gear out the mid west and has very kindly donated time and resources connecting this to System X. He is also testing out code that we have not tested yet with System X. We hope to expand the network the best we can with reliability, resource and freedom to experiment. We will update the System X page on the website with new dashboards for the servers that have recently joined the franchise.


Chat GPT-4 Disabled

We are working on re-building the engine. Hopfully in the next few weeks GPT-4 will be available! Watch this space!

Chat GPT-4 Disabled

The Chat GPT-4 client has been disabled temporarily due to a bug found in the frontend client. Until we have debugged this issue we have to disable the feature until fixed. This is an upstream issue but we are working on pushing some fixes.



The SystemX UK dashboard engine has been upgraded to the CS8ABG code engine. A complete overhaul of the backend and front end of the dashboard has been installed on this server. It's currently in beta and is available for test. This version includes a local selfcare service and connection to REST API to help maintain and change your preferences on the server including; Static Talkgroups, Dial-A-TG mapping, specific server preferences. Visit the UK dashboard here:

FreeSTAR Dusseldorf Data Center

FreeSTAR Düsseldorf Data Center
There will be some planned maintenance at our datacenter in Düsseldorf Germany on the 11th & 13th of July 2023 @ 9:00AM CEST! This will affect our core bridging servers on FreeSTAR International, SystemX Global & IPSC2-FreeSTAR. They will be upgrading key networking hardware on site and this could cause some outages within our core network! We apologise for any inconvenience