Current status

All systems operational

Past incidents

Planned Maintenance (Host Prividers)

We are performing system changes in the London location during the following scheduled maintenance window.

Start Time: 2022-05-17 23:00:00 UTC
End Time: 2022-05-18 03:00:00 UTC

We schedule higher impact maintenance events during off-peak times to maintain our ideal hosting environment. Our engineers make every effort to minimize system impact; however, London instances may be unreachable for some, or all, of the scheduled maintenance window as we perform network, firmware, or host upgrades.

System X DMR Global - Major Software upgrade

The System X Global DMR Network and all of its international servers have been bumped up to version 1.3.4. Now upgraded to the "RYSEN" fork. The official software running System X backend.

FTTP Restored GMW (New FTTP Modem)

The has now been restored. All digital services previously not reachable have now been restarted and are now reachable. All systems back online.

FTTP Unreachable GMW (Site Visit Booked)

GMW FTTP connection is unreachable. This includes Hub 2196, WiresX 41729, GB-FreeSTAR YSF, NXDN 23426, P25 23426, M17-DMR Reflector, XLX248 Multi-mode reflector, DV-MasterBridge that supplies TG23426, OBP-MasterServer, DMR2350 TRANSCODER Peanut, FreeSTAR Peanut FRE325 and other proxy services with the dashboards, OpenBridges TG23426, to Phoenix, DV-scotland, TGIF, QRM & System X. This is unfortunate and we are working to resolve the issue ASAP.

Please bare with us while we rectify the issue. To connect to the FreeSTAR Multi-Mode hub you can still use AllStar 2195, 2197, EchoLink M0JKT, HamShack hotline #94107, Teamspeak and the IRN Multi-Mode Network ( and other non-digitial modes.
Check back here for up-to-the=minute updates!!

GMW APC Backup Replacement

GMW Site. All services out of this site will have a temporary interuption while we change a UPS on one of the data racks. The impact will be for a short time and will only impact some services.