Current status

Some systems are experiencing major outages

Planned maintenance

FreeSTAR 2195 & 2196

Node numbers 2195 & 2196 will replace the public hubs. 53375 (HUB1), 53377 (HUB2), 53399 (HUB3)These public HUBS will be migrated by the directors to streamline the network and to allow room for the network to grow reliably. Please see our updates in the Facebook group and the Telegram support channel for updates of when and how to move over to the new hubs.

Past incidents

MasterDASH Dashboard

The dashboard for the FreeSTAR Network is currently undergoing critical maintenance to accommodate the new 2195, 2196 hubs. Please be patient as we are currently re-building these services. Hope to have them back in the next 48 hours!


Server De-Commission

Node numbers 40065, 40066 & 53321 have been de-commissioned in preparation for network wide migration. Please see updates for more news on these updates. Shane M0VUB & Bruce M0UKB are making preparations for a network wide upgrade to assist stability and better experience of the network.

Wires-X Room 41729

Official FreeSTAR UK Wires-X Room 41729 now operational!

System-X (

New System-X Repeaters Server is currently being built. This server is intended to be used for repeaters and simplex DMR gateways. We are hoping to have this server fully operational in the next few days with a fully operational Selfcare dashboard to enable keepers and sysops the opportunity to manage there repeaters from Selfcare.