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This table is generated by connecting to the DMR+ IPSC2-FreeSTAR API.
Data is live as of the time the page was loaded.

There are 58 available TalkGroups on the IPSC2-FreeSTAR server.

TalkgroupNameSlotDMR+InterlinkSystem X
1Worldwide1TG 1NoNo
2Europe1TG 2NoNo
3North-America1TG 3NoNo
8Tri-State USA1REF 4649NoNo
13WW English1TG 13NoNo
80UK Wide UA1REF 4401NoNo
81UK Wide UA11REF 4402NoNo
82UK Wide UA21REF 4403NoNo
83UK Wide UA31REF 4404NoNo
84UK Wide UA41REF 4405NoNo
87Blind Hams1NoNoTG 87
91X Worldwide1NoNoTG 91
113TAC English1TG 113NoNo
121One2One Chats1NoNoTG 121
123TAC English1TG 123NoNo
133TAC English1TG 133NoNo
235UK Calling1REF 4400NoNo
237CQ-WORLD1TG 237NoNo
247247 RagChew1NoNoTG 247
302Canada1TG 302NoNo
310TAC English1TG 310NoNo
320QuadNet Array1TG 320NoNo
325FreeSTAR Int1REF 4426NoTG 23426
801South E England2REF 4491NoNo
810South W England2REF 4410NoNo
820North W England2REF 4420NoNo
830East Mids England2REF 4430NoNo
840East of England2REF 4440NoNo
850Scotland2REF 4450NoNo
860North East England2REF 4460NoNo
870Wales2REF 4470NoNo
880Northern Ireland2REF 4480NoNo
2345CQ-North1NoFCS23586TG 2345
2350UK ChatterBOX2REF4425NZ-HOTSPTG 2350
2351CQ-UK1REF 4409NZ-HOTSPTG 2351
2352UK ChatterBOX 22NoNZ-HOTSPTG 2352
2353UK ChatterBOX 32NoNZ-HOTSPTG 2353
2354UK ChatterBOX 42NoNoTG 2354
2355SCOTLAND2NoNoTG 2355
23562NoNoTG 2356
2357Isle of Man2NoNoTG 2357
2358DV England2NoNoTG 2358
23592NoNoTG 2359
23416400Club2NoNoTG 23416
23426FreeSTAR UK1REF 4426NZ-HOTSPTG 23426
23530Yorkshire2NoNoTG 23530
23552Stirling Link2NoNoTG 23552
23560North East UK2NoNoTG 23560
23561N North East UK2NoNoTG 23561
23565Northum Scouts1NoFCS23587TG 23565
23590East Mids UK2NoNoTG 23590
23591Nottinghamshire Link2NoNoTG 23591
23592Retford Link2NoNoTG 23592

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